Testimonials and Endorsements

I first reached out to Greg to see if he could help spread awareness for a pediatric illness that my wife and I were personally involved with together with our son. There was no hesitation from Greg as he jumped right in to help bring the community together for a fundraiser to support and bring awareness to a rare illness that was affecting many children’s lives including our son. Greg even went above and beyond expectations and offered us an evening getaway, giving us a much needed break from the daily challenges that this illness inflicts.

Greg’s love and commitment for our community is unmatched by anyone. In my mind, he is the face of Chatham-Kent and that is who we need to represent our riding.

Carlos Vilaranda

Putting my work role as Community Engagement Partner aside, Yvon and I are heavily involved in helping the community of Chatham-Kent-Leamington. No matter the cause, fundraiser, situation that needs help, whatever and wherever we help, Greg and Kelly are also there. They are like us, a couple working together for the greater good of our community.

Greg is the guy who has given of himself to help this community time and time again. He supports, applauds, donates, MC’s, fundraises, challenges, serves on boards, and promotes whatever person, cause, business or organization that needs help at any given time.We are proud to be in he and Kelly’s company, working along-side them in so many worthy causes.

Putting all parties aside, if you are still wondering who would best serve this community, continue to be the voice of and for this community in Ottawa, think about who has been serving this community for the past 30+ years, just because it’s the right thing to do. We can all learn a thing or two from him on what it means to give back.

His Local Reputation DOES matter!

Dava and Yvon Robichaud

Greg, it’s been a little over 40 years since my father made the transition from farming into the political realm. Over a decade, I learned first-hand what it takes to be a great representative of your riding. He would openly convey that his first priority was to always remember he had chosen to be a servant and that would translate into satisfying his second priority to deliver everything in his power to his riding.

Shortly after his departure from serving his constituency, I met the fellow that would become my best friend and as life would have it, that same fellow decided to step forward to represent and serve his community. I am so fortunate that I have an opportunity for the second time to witness a person that has a such a deep commitment to serving and to the idea they can help their community.

I’m looking forward to calling you my 2nd favorite MP ever, but your friendship will never be second to any.

George Bossy

It was over a decade ago when Greg first approached me at Victory Ford to advertise, what I didn’t realize at that time about Greg was his love and dedication to Chatham Kent. I saw first hand his leadership during major campaigns for CKHA-Chatham Kent Health Alliance, The Childrens Treatment Centre and so many other great community groups. Greg stated a small radio station CKXS, that grew a very strong signal that today streams across our country. Greg’s insight in marketing was a key reason Victory Ford Lincoln is the premier automobile dealership in Chatham Kent today !

Thank you Greg it was truly an honour my friend to share your message though out Chatham Kent Leamington. Greg was raised to listen twice as much as he talks, Greg will listen to our needs in CKL and we all know he has the voice to deliver. I ask you today to support my friend Greg Hetherington

Don Sparky Leonard

I want to make perfectly clear that no one has asked me to campaign for Greg Hetherington…

In fact I have always voted NDP because I believed they were the most humanitarian party… stop wrinkling up your noses 😊

However, this year I am voting for the man…Greg Hetherington.

Yes Greg is my friend but when I met Greg it was professional, over the years he became my friend…I cannot tell you how he helped me grow in my professional life…although I’m much older than Greg he was able to teach me many things about people and how to relate to them…

So let’s talk Greg Hetherington the man…and no he’s not perfect but all we all have to do is look in the mirror to see that none of us are… right?

What characteristics do I want the person representing me to have?

I think most people would say things like (I didn’t come up with All of these on my own) …

Greg above all else is a humanitarian (he walks the walk and talks the talk)

Greg never allowed his popularity to go to his head. I always found Greg to be humble

Greg is reliable, if he says he’ll do it he’ll do it

Greg is definitely a leader

Greg is caring

Greg is Committed

Greg has insight

Greg is conscientious

Greg is open

Greg is stable

Greg is a wonderful communicator and if he says it he believes it

Greg will go the extra mile for you

Greg personally and on his own time has helped our community’s most vulnerable over and over…I’ve seen this first hand over an and over…he is a hands on kind of guy

Greg goes full out for his community

All these characteristics I know to be true about Greg because I have experienced every single one first hand over the almost 30 years…if you need confirmation and examples of these qualities I find in Greg please feel free to pm me.

Most importantly get up get out and VOTE!!!!

Deryl Ann Hall Giera

I have known Greg for many years. I along with so many others I have witnessed first hand his commitment to not only his community as he has volunteered hundreds of hours, sat on a variety of boards, has helped build small businesses, has worked tirelessly for the rural community with his understanding of living on a century farm all the while as a small business owner has not only been an exceptional employer, he has gone over and above as a responsible business owner. I believe Greg and his wife Kelly live by the motto, ” give more than you take” It is with 100% certainty that I support Greg for MP of Chatham Kent Leamington as he is an articulate speaker, and with his.credentials he is without question, the most experienced, ready to serve candidate the I have seen.

Aaron Neaves, Unifor Unit Chairperson , MSSC , Unifor Local 127, former National Representative Unifor

Greg is and always has been a natural leader. If you can’t learn something from him each and every day based solely on the way he handles himself and treats people, you’re simply not trying. Greg has this uncanny ability to not only lead by example and teach those around him – without even realizing he’s doing so – while also continually learning from everyone he comes across.

Quite simply, Greg gets things done. He has been relied upon by charity after charity and community group after community group for 35+ years now. When someone is in need of help, Greg is the guy who will find that help. Every time. He truly is the embodiment of a community servant.

Working with and for Greg has been a daily lesson in how to properly conduct yourself and how to treat those around you while always putting family and community. A lot of people may have hard feelings or distrust with their boss. I consider myself very lucky. My boss has become my mentor and someone I try to model myself after both professionally and personally.

In my opinion, nobody has ever represented Chatham-Kent quite like Greg. And I’d be surprised if anyone ever will.

Jay and Laura Smith, and family

Chatham-Kent Leamington needs a strong voice that understands our community. Greg knows community. He’s an organizer, a promoter, and a community builder. Greg’s ability to bring people together is remarkable. He’s been instrumental in building support to address local challenges for over 30 years, and he’s always finding new ways to make a difference. Its clear Greg is the best choice for CKL

Councillor Brock McGregor, Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Like most of you it seems like I have known Greg all my life. We probably feel this way because we have heard him on the radio for most of our life. We know him so well because he has been involved in every charity event in Kent County for his entire adult life. We are so very proud of him when we hear him speak because it feels like he speaks for all of us.

Greg Hetherington is running to be our voice in Parliament. Now admittedly I don’t know Liberal, NDP, or PC. But I do know that in 1979, at the end of the Vietnam War, Canada took in more Vietnamese refugees than any other country in the world. This country’s generosity has given me and my family every opportunity to succeed. I love this country and I love being a Canadian!

The Prime Minister of Canada during that time was Pierre Elliott Trudeau. A Liberal.

Politics, I don’t understand it, but I know Greg and his wife and I know his kids. I know on September 20th I am voting for him because I believe he will be a loud voice for our riding in Parliament. He knows us because he grew up with us. Don’t waste your time debating politics. Vote for the man that knows us best. Greg Hetherington!

Phong Pham, Facebook

I have been giving a lot of thought to this federal election that is upon us. This time around I am not following the rhetoric or the national leaders, the arguments steeped in semantics, the nitpicking among candidates or the worries of other provinces and jurisdictions.

My attention has been focused on where I live and the greater good for the riding of Chatham-Kent-Leamington. Specifically, I am looking at the local candidates, not only what each has contributed in the past, but what they are willing to do for the people of this constituency in the future.

It is precisely for those reasons that I have decided to vote for Greg Hetherington.

Of all the candidates, he is the only one that has been saying he is dedicated to this community. He affirms that his primary concern is taking our issues, concerns and priorities to Ottawa.

This is not to suggest he will not be involved in Canada’s national and international affairs, but as our MP he will be committed to making contact with and knocking on the doors of those people in a position that can help Chatham-Kent-Leamington prosper and grow.

Just the other day, our present MP closed his campaign remarks with the statement, “who do you trust”? Having watched the antics and listened to the comments at the all-candidates forum online, my immediate reaction to his question was, based on track record, I trust Greg Hetherington.

Greg is a local guy that has devoted countless hours of his time helping to raise literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not million(s). All of it used to aid tens of thousands of local residents in Chatham-Kent-Leamington.

He has been the spokesperson, the emcee, the front man and avid supporter of pretty much every charity, service club, association and foundation throughout our riding; every city, town, village and hamlet has been impacted in a positive way. Through his efforts, he has helped improve the lives of people from all walks of life in our larger community.

The way I see it, he has proven to be trustworthy, honest, hardworking and dedicated to the greater good.

Greg Hetherington has spent his adult life contributing to the local community, benefiting thousands and thousands of people, improving lives and livelihoods. It only stands to reason that all those people touched by his hard work and dedication would consider giving back in the form of casting their vote in his favour.

Dan Kelly, Chatham – featured in Chatham-Kent This Week

If your not familiar with Greg just Google his name and have a few hours to see what this man has done for his community. Greg put it into overdrive when Covid started raising thousands and thousands dollars for local food banks and many other organizations who were desperately needing help. He spent so many nights promoting restaurants in Chatham Kent just to help them stay afloat because of Covid lock down. That’s just some his current giving back to his community.

Vince Masse – Facebook