It’s Back to school time!

Waking up early today with a visit to St.Clair College. I had a chance to sit down with President Patti France. As a former College Grad, I know the value of a good college education. We also, talked about the importance that International students bring to our community.

Voting in Chatham-Kent

This is your local candidate running for MP, for Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party. Here is Greg Hetherington’s message to the community. You can learn more about how to vote, you can find this information at Elections Canada. We are also here to help. You can contact Greg on Facebook or by telephone at …

Greg Hetherington

A busy day yesterday

Stops in Chatham, North Buxton, Comber & finished in Leamington with a great concert – The Brandy Alexander’s & The Jody Raffoul Band plus an appearance by his son Billy. The show was fantastic! I’ve interviewed Jody a few times, and he has a true passion for his home town. I love when he does …

In Leamington today

Great to see the pop up Vaccine clinic in action at Seacliff Park. With a big concert planned, a great opportunity for people to get a vaccine. They hope to Vaccinate 150 people today. Great chat with Laura Strathdee manager of operations for Ontario Health and Erie Shores Health Care on their amazing team. More …

The campaign trail is a grind

We leave early in the morning and get home late at night. We’ve had no time to work around the house for the past month. This is what I heard outside my house this morning… My neighbour cutting my lawn. Last week my other neighbour did our yard work. So thankful!!

Yesterday was the new bench mark

Knocking on 100’s of doors, and together with good friend Dave Elliott we hit 23,000 steps. We have an incredibly dedicated volunteer crew that want to make local change happen. You can still join our team…. request a sign, or just honk and wave when you see us in your neighbourhood today.

I’ve loved meeting our community the past 35 years

The past few weeks at your door, and at the occasional event. I’ve heard some tragic stories, and incredible triumphs. Our community is resilient & caring; passionate & diverse. This election we need to support all of our communities. Support for our children and our seniors, businesses and our families. This weeks snapshot.

Our canvassing yesterday was extra special

Our son and daughter joined our team on the street. Maxx offered his red running shoes for our door knocking. What I didn’t realize before I put them on was his message he had on his shoes…. Our kids compassion and support of inclusion makes me proud to be a Dad.