Meet Greg

Chatham Kent – Leamington needs a representative who understands our priorities, and who will take bold action to strengthen our middle class, support agriculture, protect people’s health, protect our environment, and build a fairer and more equal Canada.  Greg Hetherington will be that voice and he’ll work hard to build a better stronger community and “A bright future for all Canadians”

Farm raised, and a small business owner

Greg is a community champion who will work tirelessly for our riding as your representative in Ottawa. Greg and his wife Kelly with their two kids have spent their lives working and supporting the community.  As a strong advocates for service groups and charities, Greg has volunteered and helped fundraise for dozens of charities at more than 1000 charity events in the riding.

A champion for health care

Greg spent over 20 years on the Hospital Board and just recently retired as the Chair of the CK Health Alliance Foundation in 2021.  His major accomplishments include co-chairing the Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Campaign, and raising more than 7 million dollars.

With a passion for children and families

Greg has worked on the Children’s Treatment Centre board for over 10 years, helping to raise millions for services in Chatham Kent, and initiated the “Need to Read” program in CK.  Greg shares his love for reading, with 1000s of children in elementary schools across the riding.

As a small business owner

Greg owns and operates his own marketing company, spending several years broadcasting, and assisting 100’s of small businesses with their marketing strategies in the riding.

With compassion and support for all people

Greg feels it’s important that the riding has an opportunity to find meaningful employment, and that our seniors can enjoy a secure retirement after a lifetime of hard work.