I want to take a moment to thank everyone for voting yesterday. We are blessed to live in a country that gives us the opportunity to share our opinions and vote.

I called Dave Epp last night to congratulate him on running a good campaign, and offer my help going forward to continue to make our community better.

As you can imagine, I’m disappointed, and the outcome stings a little (OK… maybe it stings a lot) BUT, I can also celebrate the process and the experience.

I had the chance to work with an amazing team of passionate and dedicated volunteers. It’s hard to put into words the feelings you get from witnessing people embrace your vision with unwavering support. Many took vacation time, others stepped away from their jobs and family and put in hundreds of hours. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity the volunteer team gave me, your support is something I will never forget, and never be able to repay. ❤️

Thank you to my team at CKXS for picking up the workload in my absence. Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to chase a dream.

I’ll treasure this campaign and the thousands of conversations I had with our team, the residents of CKL, and the knowledge that I gained. Thank you for opening your doors and answering your phones the past 5 weeks.

I’m going to take some time off social media for a while and spend some well needed quality time with the most amazing family a guy could ever ask for. I am truly blessed. Thank you again for your support.