Endorsement from Deryl Ann Hall Giera

I want to make perfectly clear that no one has asked me to campaign for Greg Hetherington…

In fact I have always voted NDP because I believed they were the most humanitarian party… stop wrinkling up your noses 😊

However, this year I am voting for the man…Greg Hetherington.

Yes Greg is my friend but when I met Greg it was professional, over the years he became my friend…I cannot tell you how he helped me grow in my professional life…although I’m much older than Greg he was able to teach me many things about people and how to relate to them…

So let’s talk Greg Hetherington the man…and no he’s not perfect but all we all have to do is look in the mirror to see that none of us are… right?

What characteristics do I want the person representing me to have?

I think most people would say things like (I didn’t come up with All of these on my own) …

Greg above all else is a humanitarian (he walks the walk and talks the talk)

Greg never allowed his popularity to go to his head.

I always found Greg to be humble

Greg is reliable, if he says he’ll do it he’ll do it

Greg is definitely a leader

Greg is caring

Greg is Committed

Greg has insight

Greg is conscientious

Greg is open

Greg is stable

Greg is a wonderful communicator and if he says it he believes it

Greg will go the extra mile for you

Greg personally and on his own time has helped our community’s most vulnerable over and over…I’ve seen this first hand over an and over…he is a hands on kind of guy

Greg goes full out for his community

All these characteristics I know to be true about Greg because I have experienced every single one first hand over the almost 30 years…if you need confirmation and examples of these qualities I find in Greg please feel free to pm me.
Most importantly get up get out and VOTE!!!!

Deryl Ann Hall Giera