I’ve loved meeting our community the past 35 years

The past few weeks at your door, and at the occasional event. I’ve heard some tragic stories, and incredible triumphs. Our community is resilient & caring; passionate & diverse. This election we need to support all of our communities. Support for our children and our seniors, businesses and our families. This weeks snapshot.

Our canvassing yesterday was extra special

Our son and daughter joined our team on the street. Maxx offered his red running shoes for our door knocking. What I didn’t realize before I put them on was his message he had on his shoes…. Our kids compassion and support of inclusion makes me proud to be a Dad.

We had a great day in Leamington today

It’s still daylight, so we’re not stopping!! Thanks to all our volunteers and to everyone for opening your door. We met so many people wanting to talk about better local representation. If you want a sign in Leamington, just send me a note and we’ll deliver.

Yesterday we spent connecting with the Seed Corn plants in CKL

Farm raised I know It’s a big business and a big employer in CKL. Over 400 regular jobs, and many seasonal too. Great meetings with: Dave Baute from Maizex Seeds Inc. Grant Craven from PRIDE SEEDS Dave Harwood at Pioneer Corteva Agriscience (Corteeva)

The riding of CK-Leamington (CKL) is BIG!

We have a team dedicated to meeting you. Last week we canvassed in Wheatley, Leamington, Ridgetown, Blenheim, Rondeau, Chatham & Tilbury. and we’re just getting started. For info, visit our offices at 334 King St Chatham & 224 Talbot St W Leamington. Thanks to our volunteers and for your support.

Today, we canvassed in Ridgetown

Thanks to our team who stuck it out. It WAS HOT ( 90°)… but great to talk with the community. I went to RDHS in the 80’s, and had some of my best years there. I’m still there regularly and used at one time lived on the main street. One of my fav service groups …

Our campaign is about support

How we can support you… your family, your small business, your needs and your community. Last night Kelly and I attended the CK Pride Bonfire hosted by Marianne & Linda. Thanks for their incredible hospitality. We had a great night. We are proud to be an ally and supporter of CK Pride!

Congrats to the Blenheim organizers for ‘Art In The Park’

Thanks to everyone for opening your doors to our canvassing team in Blenheim today. Congrats to the Blenheim organizers for ‘Art In The Park’ It was packed with people this morning. Lots of amazing hand crafted art and unique gifts.